A proposal to combine City Garbage and Property Tax

The Fairbanks City Council has written an ordinance to combine the City Garbage Fee and Property Tax collection.

Introduced by Fairbanks City Mayor Jerry Cleworth, voters will decide the final outcome and whether to eliminate the four payments that amount to 292 dollars for garbage collection.

In its place would be an increase in city property taxes, increasing about 149 dollars for every home worth 200 thousand dollars in property value.

This could save the city nearly 152 thousand dollars.

Although there are advantages Fairbanks City Mayor Jerry Cleworth does recognize some disadvantages and said, “The only down side we see on this is, for commercial properties that do not utilize the service, and unfortunately we cannot separate commercial from residential property. So the mill rate would apply to all of them equally so they would see a increase in their property tax but no increase in service."