A program to help keep Seniors safe is being implemented

Two local entities have been selected to participate in a training conference on fire and fall prevention sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association.

The conference, Remembering When , A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults, is being held December first through the third.

NFPA has selected two-member teams from 30 communities across the United States and Canada to travel to Boston for the training.

Following the conference, Fairbanks Fire Department will conduct a minimum of five group presentations and at least two train-the-trainer sessions for Fairbanks Resource Agency.

The Fairbanks Resource Agency will integrate materials from the Remembering When program into its outreach through home visits.

Assistant Fairbanks Fire Chief Ernie Misewicz said "We're actually going to train other people to deliver the information. We're actually going to go out and do programs for various senior groups, North Star Council on Aging, Ravens Landing, groups like that, that hopefully impact in a positive way the potentials for fall injuries and burn injuries."