Previous carnival providers not pleased about ending contract with TVSF

This month, the Tanana Valley State Fair Association chose to end their relationship with Golden Wheel Amusement because of contract disputes.

This announcement was a surprise to Golden Wheel Amusements, the previous providers of the Tanana Valley State Fair's midway rides.

Last year the company filed a lawsuit against the Fair citing "breach of contract" after the management allowed vendors to bring their own rides outside of the midway.

The owners of Golden Wheel Amusement say they are disappointed in the decision made by the board to go with the Canadian based company, "A-1 midway" because they have been operating in and around Alaska for over 50 years.

They also say they were in negotiations to work out the current lawsuit and bring the carnival back up to Fairbanks this summer and the announcement made yesterday came as a surprise.

Jacqueline Leavitt with Golden Wheel said, "It was a hard blow, you know I'm still sick about it honestly. We had a great relationship with Fairbanks and the people of Fairbanks and I thought they meant what they said. I thought they meant that they got rid of a fair manager who held different values than the fair, different values than the board, but it seems that all along they were doing this other thing."