Prep Basketball: 2A #1 Nenana survives #2 Effie Kokrine

FAIRBANKS, Ak-In high school basketball there was some 2A action last night. It was the game of the night. Number one Nenana at number two Effie Kokrine.
The Lynx were up 33-27 at the half but it was a tight fourth.
I had to put him on blast but Derick Terry of Effie scored for Nenana. Terry was caught up in the flow of the game and scored a putback for the Lynx after grabbing a defensive rebound. But Terry made up for it with a big game. Price Leauitt was dropping threes all night for the Warriors as well.

The Warriors cut it two with a Joshua Fisher shot with 3 minutes left. Nenana would answer with a bucket of their own.

Then Price was fouled late from three and made 2 free throws  and made it 59-61 with 11 seconds to go.

After a deflected pass goes out of bounds Nenana would inbound with 8 seconds left after the pass gets in the Warriors don't foul and Kynon Monroe lays it in at the buzzer for a 63-59 Nenana win.

The Lynx responded to every punch Effie Kokrine threw.

Lynx forward Scott Miller said,"because we were able to respond so well, we're able to have really good chemistry it makes it a lot easier to work together to be able to win, of course."
"You know we didn't capitalize in some areas we should have and you know, I mean, we shot a lot of three pointers tonight. We should've gone at them a little bit. I give much praise to Nenana. Considering the first time we've played them, they beat us by about 15 points. You know we definitely stepped up tonight. My team dug deep and I'm very proud of my boys," Effie Kokrine head coach Jeff Cimmerman said.
"Well Effie played their hearts out and they had the home crowd behind them. They hit a lot of threes, but our boys didn't get down. Some calls went against them, they've been doing that lately so they're a young team and they're starting learn how to play tight games," Nenana head coach Joe Digrande said.

In the girls game between Nenana and Effie Kokrine was entertaining as well.

Nenana established themselves getting on the break and going to Tori Carlo who had 9 in the first half and Nenana was up 27-14 at the half. The makings of a blow right?
Not so fast Evelyn Tanape went off scoring 8 points to start a 10-0 run in the third for Effie Kokrine.

But that's as close as the Warriors would get as the Lynx would again to Carlo and the Lynx defense and rebounding resulted in fastbreak points.

The final 47-30.

"You know we got our big NIT Tournament coming up this weekend. We've got some 3A schools coming into that, so they learn how they can handle adversity after being up by almost 15, 20 points and then have them come back that close and reestablish themselves it should give them some confidence going into the tournament," Nenana head coach Collin Stone.