Possible outside shenanigans interfering with Yukon Quest


Yukon Quest officials are urging their support base and area businesses caution when being approached for sponsorship advertising.

In recent days, they have fielded calls from local store owners who claim they have been solicited by an outside firm, offering advertising that will promote the thousand mile sled dog race.

The Yukon Quest organization says fund–raising occurs year round, but currently they do not have an active advertising campaign or partnership with an outside agency.

When in doubt, officials say, it's worth calling the Quest office to confirm the source.

Marti Steury, Exec. Director for  Yukon Quest International, told Newscenter 11 "If anybody has been approached by anyone lateyl to buy a sponsorship package supporting the Yukon Quest, feel free to give us a call at 452–7954.  We're not actively doing anything at the moment because it is the holiday season and it's time to focus on our family and our friends.  So, after the holidays we will come to say hello to you because the race is on February 2nd."