Players talk about Friday night's Dog Bowl

FAIRBANKS-It will truly be Friday Night Lights this Friday at Lathrop Stadium. At 7 pm the annual Dog Bowl kicks off. Two teams. The Malemutes and the Wolfpack will renew their rivalry once again.

The Wolfpack are 0-2 this year but feel that this is the game and time to bring it all together for their first win of the year. Lathrop is 2-0 and has the momentum and has already matched their win total from last year.

West Valley has won seven of the last eight Dog Bowls. Last year's was a close 13-12 win.

So can the Wolfpack continue to win this matchup or can Lathrop end the streak? I talked to some Wolfpack and Lathrop players this week about this rivalry game.

West Valley junior left guard Brett Ferris:

"We watch film on our own time, getting practice with our foot work and everything, firing out low and getting our steps right and getting the plays down and everything so we can come out 100% against Lathrop."

"I mean we're down 0-2 right now, we need to win bad and what better time against Lathrop."

West Valley junior running back Deacon Damario:

"Yeah. We're feeling pretty good. We just had a good practice. We watch film on our own too, so then our running backs are starting to get the steps down and yeah we need to win this week 0 and 2. Gotta get it."

Lathrop junior center and defensive lineman Brandon Webb

"You know, they've won the past five years in a row and we really thought we should've had it last year. We only lost by a point and we're just ready. Practice is just really intense this week."

"We've had the hardest week of practice we've had in a while this week. A lot of running, a lot of hard work and we're just ready to play."
Lathrop junior wide receiver Derrick O' Neal

"What I want for my team, I want to make my team better and I always told my line they're important that's why we make the plays and I tell them every day because, you know, that's the reason why we make plays and get through holes."

"It's just hype, we're turned up. We're just ready to go. We're just fired up, we're just ready to start playing. That's all we're ready for."