Pioneers honored

Alaska's history is made up of many pioneers who have contributed in different ways to make the state what it is.


One Fairbanksan has decided to take 30 of those Pioneers and tell their story in a new book that will be released to the public tomorrow at 5pm in the Morris Thompson Center.

Randy Zarnke took it upon himself to go all over the state and interview a variety of pioneers before they would be too old to pass along their stories.



Randy feels the public needs to know what great contributions these pioneers made."Everytime I went to an on-line community for hunting or fishing or work or whatever it might be I took my recorder with me.

And recorded interviews with people wherever I happened to find them.

It's grown substantially, I've done a 173 of these interviews.


In 64 different communities, and you know actually it became my life's work."

All proceeds from the sales of the books will be returned to many mining and trapping organizations across the Interior.