Photos of Alaska bear help pinpoint mauling site

 Rangers have pinpointed the location of a fatal bear mauling in Alaska's Denali National Park, guided by photographs of the grizzly taken by a solo San Diego backpacker just before the attack.

Park officials say all but 50 square miles of backcountry sections of the park have been reopened less than a week after the death of 49–year–old Richard White, who snapped 26 images of the male bear.

Officials say the photos show White initially was 75 yards from the bear as the animal grazed, head down, on berries last Friday.

Other photos were shot from a distance of 60 yards, including the last five where the bear has its head up, then looks at the camera and begins moving toward White.

White's failure to maintain the quarter–mile distance from the bear, recommended in the training he had just received before leaving on his hike, is still thought to be a key factor in the attack.

A state trooper fatally shot the bear Saturday.