Pets killed in structure fire; home completely destroyed

Last evening, a structure fire completely destroyed a Fairbanks home.

The mobile home with attached additions on Jade Street was reported by a resident around 8PM.

Upon arrival at the residence, fire officials said the structure was completely engulfed in flames and fire teams were unable to enter the building.

One person was inside the building at the time of the fire.

Son of the residence owner, Paul Teel said, "My wife was on the phone with her brother who was actually at the residence who said something about smoke and the smell and you know, he ended up just hanging up."

It was within seconds that the home was reportedly up in flames.

Steese Fire Department obtained assistance from both Fairbanks Fire and University Fire to distinguish the flames; however fire Officials told the Newscenter the property is a complete loss.

No injuries were reported but the 66-year old woman did lose two long time family pets in the blaze, a cat and a nearly 17 year old chocolate lab, who the family members located inside the home after visiting.

Although foul play isn't suspected, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Family members of the woman say they will be setting up a donation account because everything she owned was lost in the blaze.

Teel said, "Right now, I mean she is just at a loss of words... she is having her ups and downs. We are trying to help her out with the mental state of losing completely everything you have. I mean all she has right now is her car and the clothes on her back."