Person threatens to jump from 8th floor of Northward Building

At 9:15 this morning, the Fairbanks Fire Department received a report of a person threatening to jump from the 8th floor of the Northward Building downtown.

Fire and police units responded and found a person on the 4th Avenue side of the building sitting in an 8th floor window with feet hanging outside of the window.


4th Avenue was blocked off, and fire crews set up the 100 foot platform truck.

The “bucket” was placed at the third floor level waiting for instructions from Fairbanks Police, who were on 8th floor talking with the person.

Police ordered the bucket raised up to 8th floor under the window, and as the “bucket” was approaching the 8th floor, (about 2- 3 feet away from the building and 8th floor level), the person fell out.

Two Fire Department personnel were in the bucket at the time and were able to catch the person and bring them down to ground level safely.

Medics checked the patient, who was then turned over to police.

Fire officials say It is unknown if the person jumped or fell, and say they don’t know what issues caused the incidednt.