Pennsylvania police contact local authorities regarding alleged murders

Officials say they are investigating claims made by former North Pole Resident Miranda Barbour.

19-year-old Barbour, who has been charged in the brutal slaying of a Pennsylvania man met on Craigslist, has recently admitted to killing at least 22 others.

The killings, according to Barbour, ranged from Alaska to North Carolina as part of her involvement in a 'satanic cult.'

Prosecutors say they are seeking the death penalty for Barbour and her 22-year-old husband for the murder.

The Newscenter spoke to Sunbury Pennsylvania Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo regarding the case who said, "The recent information we've received late last week and over the weekend we've requested assistance from the local FBI office and we are contacting local authorities in various states where she may or may not have committed crimes.”

Mazzeo said they had been in contact with Alaskan authorities to “determine the validity of the allegations by the alleged defendant."

Alaska State Troopers Spokeswoman Megan Peters said in an email that they "had received the information from Sunbury Police and will be working with other authorities and following any leads that may present themselves."

The Newscenter spoke to the Alaska Federal Bureau of Investigation who say, they have not gotten involved in the investigation at this time.

However in a statement released to the Newscenter via email Philadelphia's FBI says they "had been in contact with Sunbury police and will offer any assistance requested in the case."