Pats start the year 2-0 with 45-26 win over Kethchikan

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NORTH POLE-The North Pole Patriots hosted the Ketchikan Kings in high school football for a special Wednesday night football game. The first day of school featured the first home game for the Pats and SEC conference game for both teams.

Before kickoff James Watson was honored during the coin toss as an honorary captain. The Patriots dedicated the field to him last night.

North Pole was up 8-0 after a touchdown from Simi Skips but Connor Hicks of Kayhi gets the Kings on the board with a shifty 61 yard run. He had three touchdowns and finished with 161 yards.

But sophomore QB Dew Rogers breaks for a 22 yard score on the next possession to give the Patriots a 15-6 lead late in the first. Rogers also had three touchdowns. Hicks though would score again right before the half as North Pole led 22-18 at the break.

The Patriots however ran away from the Kings in the second half scoring 23 unanswered points. Deaundre Campbell had 240 yards rushing. 84 came on a late in the 3rd quarter run down the sideline to give North Pole a 36-18 lead. He has 400 yards rushing in two games.

The short week doesn't hinder North Pole they beat Ketchikan 45-26 and improve to 2-0.

"Backfield wise I saw a lot of stuff in the middle. You know we talked to coach about it to coach on the sidelines every time we came off and we really want to try to execute the things that they give us-take what they give us. So yeah we just played hard and kept going hard," Rogers said.

"Well they came out strong. We came out strong too. But we let them get away a couple of times but we weren't planning on that but we came back punching," senior defensive back Cameron Eide said. "We play the game like we're doing a fight. Might get a couple of hits but you got to swing back every single time that's why we come out stronger every single half."