Parnell's Fairbanks Visit


Governor Sean Parnell made a stop in the Fairbanks area yesterday, meeting with the business community, and further pushing oil tax reform and energy legislation for the Interior, a venture he says cannot wait.
The Republican Governor was the featured speaker at the weekly luncheon of the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.
It's Parnell's first trip back to the Interior since his announcement in December pushing a proposed 355–MILLION DOLLAR package aimed at jump–starting construction on a natural gas liquefaction plant on the North Slope, a Fairbanks–based natural gas distribution system, as well as an area–wide utility.
The legislation has come under scrutiny in Juneau as some lawmakers question how the rest of the state will benefit as well.
Parnell says its now up to local citizens to call their legislators to get the word out.
He told Newscenter 11 "Certainly the interior is suffering from high energy cost. So are other communities in Alaska in order to get this interior energy plan done to get gas to Fairbanks now like in the near term. We need to not only sell interior legislatures on it which I think we have done and they're supportive of it, we need to sell other legislatures on it so I'm asking for North Pole residents Fairbanks residents to urge passage of the aid of legislation not only how describing how it will impact Fairbanks residents but how it will provide the back bone of the LNG distributions system but the rest of Alaska can benefit too."