Parnell Naming Names in North Slope Debate


Governor Sean Parnell has called out some state senators, saying they are doing ``nothing'' to reverse the trend of declining North Slope oil production.
Parnell told the Alaska Support Industry Alliance last week there are some legislators who think Alaska's economic pie is as big as it's going to get and shrinking, so government must get all the money it can now.
Urged by audience members to name names, he cited Democratic Senators Bill Wielechowski, Hollis French (both of Anchorage) and Fairbanks Senator Joe Paskvan.
He says they and others like them have done nothing to stem the production decline or grow Alaska's economy.
And the Republican Governor didn't stop there.
He says the three lawmakers carry a (quote) "spine for decline," as far as what he considered overall progress to be.
Wielechowski says the Senate's bipartisan majority stood up for Alaskans, against a Parnell tax–cut that he believes amounted to giveaway with no guarantee the state would see increased investment or production.
Paskvan, who is running for re–election against former Republican State Senator Pete Kelly, has echoed these same sentiments.