Paranormal Fundraiser


A first–ever paranormal fund–raising event we first covered a week ago has undergone a venue change due to expected larger crowds.
SOPAH Paranormal, or Seekers of Paranormal and History, are holding the first annual "Para–Raiser" event Saturday, January 26th.
Organizers believe, with the rise in popularity of the subject of paranormal research, they could combine the all–day event with a fund–raiser for a local non–profit group.
This year, SOPAH has picked The Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska as their recipient.
A $5 per person donation is suggested to attend the event, which kicks off at 10 am on the 26th.
Initially, the Dog Musher's Hall was chosen as the location, however, SOPAH quickly need a larger venue, and luckily, it is a location that they have actually investigated before, the Badger Building at the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds.
Ryan French Founder, S.O.P.A.H. Paranormal, told us "We hope that everybody will come, whether you're a skeptic, whether you're a believer, you want to believe but you're not sure, because the whole purpose of it is not really the paranormal factor of it.  The purpose of it is to raise money for The Breast Cancer Detection Center, that's are sole purpose, so even if you don't really care for the paranormal, you're not that big into it, at least come out and show your support for the Breast Cancer Detection Center, because, to us, that's the biggest thing."
SOPAH is still in need of volunteers to help man the many booths and concessions for the event.
If you can help, please give SOPAH paranormal a call at 210–275–7984, or email them at northernmostparanormal <at>