Panel supports SB51

Although Alaska Senate Bill 21 recently passed through the State Legislature, now there is a campaign to try and recall the bill through a petition.

 Today at the weekly Chamber of Commerce luncheon,a panel made up of Interior Republican members of the State Legislature, addressed the gathering of business leaders.

In a unanimous show of support the five member panel stated that since the bill's passing, several oil company's have shown their support by re-investing back into the state through more exploration and job opportunities.

The panel believes this could be in danger if the petition now circulating results in the bill being recalled.





They say SB 21 is solid. Representative Tammy Wilson from District 2 says if the bill is recalled it will be a step backwards.

It also addresses a committee we've put together so that we'll be looking at this to make sure that we got it right.

It's not just the legislature changed the taxes, but we have an expert committee that will be overseeing that.

And the other portion is now we will be giving credits to those that produce new oil barrels New barrels of oil.

The way we had the rules before they had to spend money, and they did it on maintenance, and they can now give us more oil down the pipeline.