Paint the pipes

The downtown area just got a little nicer thanks to the concerted efforts of local artists and the Downtown Association.

"Paint The Pipes" is a program that Began in August with the goal of painting all of the ventilation pipes downtown with a variety of colors and themes.

The idea was to transform the ugly grey pipes to a more comfortable and pleasing look.

According to the Downtown Association the project is moving along quite nicely.

Amy Nordrum with the Fairbanks Downtown Association says the artists are close to finishing.

"We've selected 13 artists to paint original designs on vent pipes in downtown Fairbanks along the streets and sidewalks.

Those 13 artists have started to paint now, so you can watch the pipes being painted in progress now in Fairbanks.

Nine of those 13 pipes have already been completed and we expect the rest to be completed in the coming weeks."