Pain can make sleeping difficult.

Millions of Americans suffer from neck and back pain and when they do, they might have to find special ways to be able to sleep at night.

Knowing which option is right for you could take some work since one size does not necessarily fit all.

What the bed is made of can be a factor to consider.

The first type, the least expensive, is made of springs, foam and coils.

Over the course of years,  it compacts or wears down and  the mattress is not going to feel like it did when you first purchased it

The second, an air mattress where each partner can adjust the firmness on his or her side of the bed.

The third choice, is made of a material that's pliable. However, it may be difficult to turn over for some people with painful conditions

A fourth choice, latex.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your shape, your history, your condition and your preference.