Outdoor Show is record setting for weight pulling dogs

FAIRBANKS, AK-At the Carlson Center on Saturday some pups set some records in the Outdoor Show an annual Interior Freight Dog Association event.

In the ultra light division, dogs weighing 25 to 60 pounds, Roger pulled 1,550 pounds in 17.34 seconds. That was an Outdoor Show and IFDA record. Then in the light weight division, dogs weighing 60 to 90 pounds, Mossy pulled 1,670 in 14.07 seconds, also an event and IFDA record. To bookend the record setting day was Barrow in the middle weight division for dogs weighing 90 to 125 pounds. Barrow pulled 2,000 pounds in 45.65 seconds.

The winners received cash prizes.

These are the strongest dogs I've ever heard of in my life. Plenty of treats for them this weekend. They earned it.