"Out there Honky Tonkin'" set to open

The arts community in Fairbanks always has something new to offer to Interior Residents.

Tonight, a new show is opening in the downtown Empress Theatre; this show has transformed the Theatre into a bar, the setting of its play.

This evening, in a little room that has been transformed into a bar a new and original musical, "Out There Honky Tonkin" will begin its month long run. How did it come about?  With two Fairbanks Women and a shared love of a certain type of music.

Carey Seward, Co-Author of the play says, "We started sharing the music of Riesa Rose Harris, which is the song writer for every song in the show. And we decided to write a musical using her songs because they are so beautiful and we pulled all the characters and the story from the honky tonk music."

The plot may be a familiar one, young girl looking for love... but add in Fairbanks, a bar, the North Slope and some drama and this musical will have you laughing and caught in the story in no time!

It's about a girl who is looking for adventure, love, and meaning in her life. She is hitchhiking up from Anchorage and ends up in a dirty bar in Fairbanks.

There is something pretty unique about this play too… its set in a bar and that audience is also in the bar with the characters. There is beer, whiskey, and soda.

The two play writes say they are happy with the turnout thus far and are excited to open their Honky Tonkin' doors to Fairbanks.

Co-Author Amanda Bent told the Newscenter, "We wanted it to feel like it was a bar that was only going to exist in Fairbanks for one month, and that it was going to have great music and we ended up with a really funny play. People are getting laughs in places I wasn't expecting and it is wonderful."