Operation Arctic Care gets underway


It's time for military medical personnel to experience Alaska through Operation Arctic Care, a multi-service humanitarian training program taking place above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

It focuses on teaching U. S. forces from different services how to work together in peacetime support operations, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief.


Major William  Chairsell said "We are currently in the process of conducting Arctic Care 13, which is a medical and dental support exercise in the Northwest Arctic Borough of northern Alaska. We are currently in 12 villages of the entire surrounding area spread out in an area across, the size, almost the size of Indiana."


The primary focus is on quick in and out missions, "Where we can see as many patients and provide as many services that are one time services in order to help the population', the Major said.


Those taking part in arctic care are made ready to respond and work in any cold weather location in the world.


Chairsell said "If I ever found myself walking outside and saying  18 degrees was warm , if you would have told me I ever made that statement I would have called you crazy but when you're dealing with negative ten degree temperatures out here 18 degrees actually is very warm."


Operation Arctic Care, even though its training, brings medical, dental, and veterinary aid to 12 rural villages of Alaska