Number of mushers scratch early on in Iditarod

FAIRBANKS-Now for your today's Iditarod report a number of mushers have scratched all ready, due to the rough conditions in the Rainy Pass area.

Gus Guenther, Mike Santos and Linwood Fielder scratched today heading towards Rohn. Guenther suffered an ankle injury and Lanier had a leg injury. Jan Steves also scratched today as he wanted to look out for the well being of her team. She had 14 dogs.

Jim Lanier and DeeDee Jonrowe scratched yesterday trying to get to Rohn. Cindy Gallea also scratched. Lack of snow in Dalzell Gorge is causing the rough conditions.
There are 62 mushers left of the 62 here are your top five.

Sonny Lindner the long time veteran is your new leader with 15 dogs into Nikolai. The ever popular Hugh Neff is second and Aily Zirkle, who's finished second twice, is third. Nicolas Petit and Aaron Burmeister round out the top five.

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