NTSB proposes lowering legal limit to .05.

In a proposed move that could have reverberating effects nationwide, and even here in the 49th

state, officials with the National Transportation Safety Board have made recommendations

calling for stricter drunk driving laws.

On Tuesday, in a news release, the NTSB recommended the blood alcohol content legal limit

be lowered to .05 percent around the nation.

"Most Americans think that we've solved the problem of impaired driving," said NTSB Chairman

Debbie Hersman. "But in fact, it's still a national epidemic. Alcohol-related crashes are not

accidents, they are crimes."

It's all a part of what the agency is calling a "bold set of targeted interventions to put the country

on a course to eliminate alcohol-impaired driving crashes."

The 19 recommendations call for stronger laws, swifter enforcement and expanded use of


But lowering the legal limit, obviously, is getting the most attention.

Currently in Alaska the legal limit for a drivers B.A.C. is .08%.

All 50 states hold drivers to the same legal limit.

Last year in Alaska, 11 people were killed in alcohol related crashes compared to 34 people a

decade ago.

That's according to data compiled from the Alaska Highway Safety Office.

The Alaska Department of Public Safety commissioner, Joe Masters, said that reduction can be

contributed to increased enforcement on roadways, media campaigns and road


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