North Pole races see some wrecks

NORTH POLE-Well the races at the North Pole Speedway were a bit dirty last night. There were a number of cautions out because of some wreckage. Every race had a car or two with some mishaps.

In the first turn of the first Legends heat Ryan Cote in the 89 and Dave Behling , the points leader get tangled up. After the race Behling told me he felt he held his line and didn't see Cote underneath, he just felt the car getting turned.

In the Bandos second heat Steve Hunter spins out and gets in contact with Whitney Parzick and would finish the main event but did win the second heat. Jessica King won the first and Justin Sammons stayed clean for the main event checkered.

Bill Slayden came out the winner in the second heat of the Legends despite more mishaps. In the main event Gary Childers in the 45 takes Rod Harker right into the wall out of turn three.
Harker's night would be done losing a tire. Then after the Harker and Childers collision, Al Trettel reacts from a slight nudge from behind out of the second turn and spins out after the Harker collision. Behling once again came in first for the main event checkered flag.

A very eventful night of racing to say the least. Some of racers talked about all of the accidents.

"We were just racing close together going through three and four and just touched," Harker describes. "We touched and then it just went ugly after that."
Cote talks about what he saw and felt when he collided with Behling.

"I think we had a slightly different line and I felt I was coming out of the corner, you know, more than he was and he was trying to pinch it down to get behind whoever was in front of him, I think," Cote.
Steven Hunter, who holds second place in Bandos, talked about Thursday's night race.

"It was a little bit of rough racing there. It was accommodation of me being loose and him pushing a little bit. It was rough racing," Hunter said.

Hunter also went on to point out what it will take for good finish to the season.

"Keep the car off of other cars and off the wall. Keep it clean. Try to race as clean as possible. These last few week's track positions what's going to matter," Hunter said.

We take a glance at the points standings.

Justin Sammons looks to close out the season on top of the Bandos class with a 114 point lead over Steven Hunter who looks to maintain the second spot.
In the Legends all Dave Behling has to do is finish races and he could finish on top of the Legends class but he's 206 point lead has dwindled a bit to 98.

Al Trettel is second with 3086 but he is only three points ahead of Daniel Slayden who is third.

Despite last night's crash Slayden is still in fourth place but rookie Austin Cote is just three points behind while holding on to fifth place.

There are three races left in the season. The finale is August 29.