North Pole man jailed on rape charges.

A 35 year old North Pole man is in jail for the alleged rape of an unidentified woman Thursday.

Matthew Colelli is charged with First Degree Sexual Assault and Felony Assault in the Second Degree.

During a brief arraignment hearing Friday afternoon in Fairbanks District Court, Judge Alicemary Rasley set a "no bail" status in his case.

According to a criminal complaint, Alaska State Troopers say they received a report of the alleged incident they say took place in the South Peger Road area.

Troopers say Colelli and the woman were acquaintances, and had known each other for several years.

The woman, identified in court records as "J.S." says the two were smoking marijuana in a vehicle when he is said to have kissed her.

The woman says she told Colelli she would not have sex with him and was later forcibly assaulted by him.

The complaint says Colelli called J.S. and "made admissions about the ordeal and apologized for what he had done."

When later contacted by authorities, according to the complaint, Colelli admitted to "smoking marijuana with J.S., and thought she wanted sex."

Colelli then told investigators he "should have just gone home."