North Pole Fire Victim Identified


Alaska State Troopers have released the name of a FIVE YEAR OLD BOY, who died late Friday afternoon after fire broke out in a North Pole duplex.
North–Star Volunteer Fire officials got the call around 4–35 Friday afternoon responding to 3601 Biathalon Street, just off the Richardson Highway.
According to North Star Fire Chief Jeff Tucker, when fire crews arrived on scene, smoke was escaping from under the front door of the downstairs apartment.
The fire was confined to one bedroom.
Tucker says the child, identified as Elijah Gayromon was found in one of the rooms in the downstairs apartment.
The young boy was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
A direct cause, and the circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation, although it is believed at this point that the fire was started by another child.
Tucker told Newscenter 11 "When our crew first got on the scene, they found heavy smoke coming from the front door of the building. The crews pulled hand lines in and contained the fire to the room of origin. As crews were doing that we began a search of the structure. We had a report that there was a missing youth inside the structure and our crews went room to room searching for it. It was a, the house was actually divided up into a lower apartment and an upstairs apartment. So there were multiple rooms to search. Our crews ultimately did find the youth in the building. It's probably traumatic obviously for the family involved. Having a youth involved is really tragic for the crews involved and everybody involved. They really take it personally because folks on scene, the firefighters on scene have really small children also. So it really, our job is to help folks and sometimes it's not possible."
The Alaska State Troopers and the State Fire Marshal are investigating the incident.
Fire officials estimated damages attributed to the fire at FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.