North Pole beats West Valley but Wolfpack win the tiebreaker

FAIRBANKS, AK-Every now and again a team is in a no win situation. Over the weekend that pretty much sums up what happened to North Pole's baseball team.The Patriots faced West Valley on Saturday for what could've been the MAC number two seed and a trip to state.

The Patriots were motivated and rolled to a 19-7 win over West Valley. Adam Norton and Jason Donald had 4 rbis a piece to lead the Patriot 11 hit attack in the win.

After some number crunching, even though the Wolfpack lost they won the tiebreaker based on runs allowed against conference opponents. North Pole allowed 71 this season. West Valley just 35. The Eielson and Delta games didn't count because they didn't play enough conference games.

North Pole would've had to win by more than 30 runs Saturday to secure a state berth. West Valley's defense proved to be key in this shortned year and despite this loss after playing 5 games in 3 days they will go on to the state tournament.

"All the teams were all about even over the course of the season but I think the scheduling had a lot to do with how the outcome ended up. I'm happy were able to get in the season at all. It didn't appear we would at the beginning but we did. All in all it was a good season for everybody," North Pole assistant coach Craig Fowler said.

"We're going to be the number two team going to state. So we do get to go to Anchorage and be a part of the state tournament which is a big plus. This is a young team," West Valley head coach Mark Wade said. "We're going to try and use this advantage to go down to state for that experience and try to show some maturity. And watch other teams and see who they do it and use it as a learning experience so they can raise their level of the game."