Noon and Schmitz win 21st Mosquito Meander 5K

FAIRBANKS, AK-On Saturday morning the 21st Mosquito Meander took place at Pioneer Park. For the competitors of the race Peter Noon was first crossing the finish line in 16: 27 seconds in this 5k walk run. Nathaniel Burrell was right behind Noon coming in 27 seconds later. Christi Schmitz, the Seawolves junior and North Pole High school product, came at 19:42 seconds which was ninth overall to lead the ladies.

More than 500 people entered into the Meander which benefits Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption. Noon the recent West Valley graduate and Schimtz talked about the race.

"I'm happy about it I just started training a few weeks ago since after high schools over so I guess it's a good way to start the summer coming into the last mile I picked it up to try and push it with a strong punch," Noon said.

"Ive been injured for awhile so this is my first race in a little bit so my first mile was about the pace I wanted to go and then I slowed down for the second part but it felt pretty good the whole time actually so that was really enchoraging," Schmitz said. "Before the race I was really sore so I didn't know how it would go so yeah through the race I felt well."