Nooks win back to back Nordic Cup

ANCHORAGE-Over the weekend in Anchorage the Alaska Nanooks ski team repeated as Nordic Cup champions. It was another dominating performance for the Nooks. On Saturday the women took the top three spots and the men won the top five in the individual freestyle technique races.

On Saturday the Nooks went 1-2 in the mixed-gender relays. The women race two 5ks and the men do two 10Ks The A team of Alyson McPhetres, Nicole Bathe, Michael Fehrenbach and Logan Hanneman came in first in the relay in 1:34:51.1.

The B team of Heather Edic, Heidi O'Connor Brook, Isaac Lammer, and Jonas Loffler were second finishing about two minutes after the A squad.

It's the seventh Nordic Cup in 10 years for the Nanooks.