No Bail for accused rapist.

A Fairbanks District Court Magistrate ordered that a 21 year old man be held on a "no bail" status for the alleged rape of a female acquaintance late Tuesday.

But speaking on-camera with News Center 11 on Thursday, the defendant's fiancée is calling the charges against Tristan Morgan Stidston "trumped up."

Stidston is charged with two counts of First Degree Sexual Assault, and a single count of Tampering With Physical Evidence.

According to court documents, Stidston and the 18 year old alleged victim, identified as "P.L.E." knew each other, and that Stidston went to a Fairbanks residence

to pick up the alleged victim and take her to a local fitness facility.

Records say Stidston and P.L.E. met about a month and a half ago at work, never dated, and it (was) the first time they had been together outside of work.

The woman told State Trooper investigators that Stidston, at the last minute, decided against exercising, saying it was "too crowded," and drove to a fast food restaurant.

After eating, Stidston and P.L.E. rode around town, before he finally turned his Subaru wagon down a small, little used road off College Road.

The woman told Troopers she became concerned when Stidston stated he "just got his massage license and wanted to give her a massage (in order) to log hours."

She says Stidston then held her down, and sexually assaulted her.

The woman told investigators the alleged assault lasted "about 15 minutes" after which he became "angry and upset."

P.L.E. says she "broke four fingernails trying to fight Stidston off during the assault."

She says she was "afraid to call 911," and instead called a friend to come help her after Stidston had exited his car.

The woman arrived, picked up P.L.E., and wrote down the license plate to Stidston's car before calling 911.

Stidston was later contacted at his residence on Ninth Avenue, and although admitting to "giving P.L.E. a massage," denied any sexual contact with the woman.

During a brief hearing in State Court Thursday, Fairbanks Master Alicemary Rasley read the maximum penalties Stidston faced if he is convicted.

Stidston said he "understood the charges against him, further stating he could (not) afford a private attorney."

Stidston's fiancée, 19 year old Brittany Brave, was in attendance at today's hearing, accompanied by a male friend.

Choking back tears, Brave called the charges against Stidston "unwarranted."

"I really think these were trumped up charges," says Brave. "I don't honestly know, but I don't think it was rape at all. I really don't think he did this. It's not him. He wouldn't do this."