News Update:Teens arraigned, charged in connection with Fairbanks Robbery

Three teens were arraigned this afternoon in Fairbanks District Court charged in connection with an armed robbery of a Fairbanks gas station.

According to court documents, 19-year-old Brandon Roberts, 18 year-old Marcus Howard, and 18-year-old Matthew Houger forced employees at the Farmers Market Sourdough Gas station to the ground with semiautomatic pistols while they collected nearly 1300 dollars in cash, checks, and two bottles of alcohol.

Houger allegedly waited in the car with another teen not charged in the case to provide a getaway.

The teens then fled the scene where they were contacted by Fairbanks Police and State Troopers.

Interviews with the alleged suspects led to admissions of planning out and conducting the robbery.

Roberts and Howard were charged with Felony Robbery and Felony Theft, Houger, who provided the getaway vehicle, was charged with Felony Theft.

All 3 are being held without bail; a hearing for the case is set for March 13th.