News Update: Secretary of Defense approves recovery mission of 9-year old boy presumed deceased at Arctic Man and Sno-Go Event

The 9-year old boy who is, at this hour, presumed "deceased" by Alaska State Troopers has been identified as Shjon Brown.
Saturday afternoon while riding with his father at Arctic Man, Brown rode a snow machine around a hill of snow and fell through a hole in the glacier known as a moulin.

The Newscenter has spoken with Alaska State Trooper Spokeswoman Megan Peters who says, "Parts of the snow machine can be seen and it is believed the young man's body is buried in snow beneath it."

At this time, the rescue is quote, "dangerous and requires expertise that the State Troopers feel are better suited for the military."

According to United States Army Alaska Public Affairs Officer Ltc. William Coppernol, "The Northern Warfare Training Center's assets are the only available resources to perform the recovery in a timely manner."

As we reported earlier, the mission was pending the approval from the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon and, at this hour, the approval has been received and the Black-Rapids based NWTC will begin attempts at recovery into the deep moulin.

According to Ltc. Coppernol, "As of 5:30pm, a team of 14 along with small unit support vehicles, snow machines, and recovery gear (from the Northern Warfare Training Center) linked up with Alaska State Troopers."

The Newscenter will continue to update this developing story.