News Alert: Widespread outage leaves more than 600 GVEA customers without power

Update: GVEA restored power as of 7:45pm. According to their Facebook Page, "The suspected cause of the outage was a bird nest in the power lines about 30 miles out on the Steese Highway."



This afternoon a wide spread power outage was reported to Golden Valley Electric Association.

According to GVEA Spokeswoman, Cassandra Serny, at this point the cause of the power outage is unknown but it has affected members of the Steese, Hagelbarger, the Elliot, as well as Fox.

GVEA says that roughly 675 members are currently affected by the outage and that two crews are out patrolling the line.

There is no time estimate as to when the problem will be resolved.

Serny said some of the power loss was due to the outage; other loss is due to a protective measure taken by GVEA for equipment.

Members can get the most up-to-date information via the outage line, 452-1151.

Also, if anyone sees any trees on the line or downed power lines GVEA warns to please report them and stay away for protective measures.

The Newscenter will have more on the outage as information becomes available.