News Alert: Two in jail after high-speed chase with both Troopers and Fairbanks Police

UPDATED: A 25-year-old male is in the hospital at this hour after leading both Alaska State Troopers and Fairbanks Police Department on a high-speed chase that sent at least one other innocent driver to the hospital as well.

According to Troopers the male, Henry Mason of Anchorage, was reported to be driving erratically when he struck a 1992 Ford Truck on Airport Way.

The driver and his 17-year-old female accomplice then left the scene of the accident and began to drive towards Johansen Expressway with several Troopers and Fairbanks Police Officers in pursuit.

At the intersection of Peger and Phillips Field Road the male driver struck a 2006 Toyota Matrix, totaling the vehicle and leaving the female driver trapped inside.

Both Mason and the female then fled the scene on foot.

6 Alaska State Troopers and 4 Fairbanks Police Officers were involved in a foot pursuit; they quickly detained the female subject.

Mason was later found trying to get into a flatbed truck to hide from law enforcement.

The driver of the Matrix was treated at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for minor injuries.

The 17-year-old minor and Mason were also taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital after complaining of injury.

According to Troopers Mason had an outstanding warrant on multiple counts of weapon misconduct and assault for his arrest and faces several more charges from the incident.

The 17-year-old female was not charged and released to the custody of an adult.