News Alert: Sentencing held for convicted murderer Jacques Lisbey

Sentencing was held this afternoon in Fairbanks Superior court in the 2nd Degree Murder case involving Defendant, Jacques Lisbey.

Lisbey pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of 2nd Degree murder in the shooting death of 20 year old Malik Moore and will receive 10 years incarcerated with an additional 10 years on probation.

During the sentencing, the Defense attorney representing Lisbey noted the numerous programs he had completed and also noted the fact that the case was circumstantial and Lisbey still denies the shooting.

According to Prosecution, Lisbey has a history of armed robbery and felt that due to the circumstances and evidence the plea deal was quote, "Better than being acquitted."

Malik Moore's mother, Terrinita Smith addressed the court with an emotional statement regarding the deal.

She said, “Malik was hunted down like an animal and shot not once, not twice, not three times, not four times, not five times, but six times. Malik is gone, never to return.”