News Alert: Fairbanks man arraigned in connection with 3-car-collision

Last evening a severe 3-car collision left the Mitchell Expressway closed for most of the night.

The collision has left one Fairbanks resident with life threatening injuries and all 3 of the vehicles involved completely destroyed.

At the scene of the incident, parademics attempted to remove 36-year-old Wyatt Hurlbut from his explorer as he was reportedly going in and out of consciousness.

According to the affidavit, Wyatt is in Critical Condition with Brain Damage and will require quote, "Extensive cosmetic surgery" to repair his face."

A third vehicle was involved in the accident, a mini van driven by a Fairbanks Woman.

Although she reported no injuries her vehicle was destroyed by the impact.

Witnesses at the scene also reported that Lynott, the driver of the truck attempted to steal another car and was stopped by Troopers.

He was later taken to the hospital by ambulance where he jumped out of the ambulance and took off on foot.

Trooper Spokeswoman Megan Peters said, "Troopers were able to track him down, a couple blocks away. Ultimately Mr. Lynott was found to have a felony warrant out against him so he was taken into custody on that charge."

After investigation Troopers say that the vehicle he was driving was reported stolen earlier that day and that he had an outstanding felony warrant.

Troopers also reported he used a false identity of "Kenneth Vaughan" complete with ID.

After troopers made contact with Lynott he was arrested and taken to Fairbanks Correctional Center.

The truck that was involved in this TBone collision was actually reported stolen earlier that day; That resident, John Schuiteman spoke to the Newscenter regarding his stolen truck he said after speaking with Troopers he was told they located his vehicle, but it had been involved in a collision.

Shuiteman said, "He (the trooper) told me that my truck had been in a really bad accident. They first question I asked him is if anybody had been hurt. It just stinks you know, having something you worked so hard from taken from you by somebody who doesn't want to work for their stuff."

The Mitchell Expressway was shut down at that intersection into most of the night as Troopers attempted to document and clean up the scene.

Peters explained, "Because it was a major injury collision with one person having potentially life threatening injuries, troopers did close down the intersection so they could do what they call total stations so they could map the scene. So that does take some time."

As for Lynott, he was arraigned today in Fairbanks District Court where he pleaded not guilty to multiple charges including First Degree Felony Assault, 3rd Degree Assault, and Vehicle Theft.

He will make his next appearance in court on January 15th.