NEWS ALERT: Career criminal jailed on sex assault charge.

A 60 year old Fairbanks man, who has an extensive criminal history dating back to the mid 1970's is in jail on a "no bail" status for the alleged rape of a woman Sunday at a South Cushman

Street facility for the homeless.

Ronald Edward John is charged with a single count of Second Degree Sexual Assault.

John was arraigned Tuesday in Fairbanks District Court on the Felony charge.

According to Fairbanks Police, they received a report of the alleged assault they say took place around 9:30 pm Sunday at the Housing First Facility.

The alleged victim, identified in court records as "C.P." told police that John assaulted her, and she was unable to fight him off.

Police say alcohol played a role in the alleged incident.

John's blood alcohol content at the time of his arrest, according to police, was .335.

According to the Alaska Court System Website, John has 86 criminal cases to his credit, dating back to 1975, facts that even caught court officials by surprise.

"Mr. John has 86 prior convictions, 8 assaults," said Zane Aukee, with the Fairbanks District Attorneys Office.

That prompted District Court Magistrate Romano Dibeniedetto to reply, "excuse me, did you say 86 convictions?"

"Many of the convictions are involving drinking," said Aukee. "He's currently on probation for a 2009 assault.

"The legislature has created an assumption against bail in this sort of a charge," said Dieniedetto.

"The evidence we have here today is that Mr. John has had 86 prior convictions with 8 assault convictions.

I haven't heard anything that rebuts that assumption.

Mr. John will be held without bail."