News Alert: Alaska State Troopers still actively searching for a man who attacked a teenage girl

Investigators with the Alaska State Troopers are still actively searching for a man who attacked a Fairbanks teen on Monday morning.

According to detectives working the case, the girl now identified to be in her late teens, was walking when she heard a call for help in the wooded area of Loftus Road.

When she went to assist, a man, said to be in his 20s, attacked her and attempted to sexually assault and tie her up.

The girl was able to break free and phone for help at a nearby residence.

Since the attack Troopers say many tips have come in and each are being followed up on.

Sgt. Jeremy Rupe spoke to the Newscenter this afternoon and said, “We have gotten a lot of information last night and today. And that information is greatly appreciated and absolutely being followed up on.”

Some additional information they have been able to release according to Rupe is along with his previous description, he was wearing what appeared to be a pink band aid on the left side of his chin and was also missing a tooth.

Troopers remind anyone that is walking home from school or with friends to remain cautious at this time.

They also ask if anyone has any information including suspicious activity or if they see a person who fits this description to phone them at 451-5100.