Newly Opened FCMHS Trims Back Services

FAIRBANKS- The newly named Fairbanks Community Mental Health Services can afford to treat only the most severely mentally ill patients. Last night, officials from the Anchorage parent company said they have a capacity of 500 patients, about half the size of the previous organization. Patients will be contacted for a screening process to confirm they need the services. Several rehabilitation services will end, such as job training at the thrift shop, and patients without insurance will no longer be served.

 Officials say the transition will be gradual for patients losing care. In the coming weeks the company will refill prescriptions and work on a transition plan. The CEO from the Anchorage company, Jerry Jenkins, said many clients had no insurance which is a huge problem. “We know we have a limited number we can serve each year and it’s based upon the other funds we have available. In the past almost half the adults here didn’t have any payer source- we can’t do that,” Jenkins said.

News of the reductions comes after the previous, and now bankrupt operators, of the facility had made a number of claims that there would be virtually no changes in client services. Now that Fairbanks Community Mental Health Services is open and has a smaller scope, they will most likely leave the property on South Cushman.