New reindeer born at UAF

Spring officially arrived March 30th at the Fairbanks Experiment Farm, and it wasn't a robin or even a Canada goose that announced the change of seasons. 
It was a 14 pound reindeer bull calf.
Reindeer Research Program staff members were surprised by the birth as no new calves were expected until a couple of weeks from now.
The farm's newest arrival will now begin to form a stronger bond with its mother.
More calves are expected to be born into May, after that they will all be tagged and weighed and eventually weaned from their mothers.

UAF Rendeer Farm researcher Erin Carr says more calfs will be born from now into May.

'Yeah so we usually give them a couple of days before we go and weigh and tag them.
That way the bond between the cow and the calf has formed and it's very strong.
After that their pretty much good to go, they're not going to , I mean they will push other calves around but once the calves get a lot bigger you'll see multiple calves nursing from one cow even though she only has one calf"

The Reindeer farm is expecting more births this weekend, however they caution if you come out to view, please remain on the side of the road parallel to the botanical gardens.
Do not bring any dogs as they could disturb the birth process.