New home for museum

There was a lot of excitement up at the UAF museum, at least in the auditorium.
That's because the Fairbanks Children's Museum has finally find a home.
The Museum of the North has agreed to allow the Fairbanks Children's museum to occupy their auditorium for the next 7 months.
This means that children along with their parents will have a place where they can go to share fun experiences and learning lessons.
In the past the museum was having to move their displays frequently all around the Fairbanks area.
But now they are stable and can offer a variety of fun things to do with parents and their children. Brenda Riley Executive Director says the new home will offer kids and parents a variety educational and fun things to do. "I believe October's theme is all about how your child can measure and weigh and compare themselves and record those observations.
We also have some our science and technology exhibits.
Magnetic walks and a magnetic type of spinning wheel.
We do have our popular grocery store set that's a big hit with all of the kids. We've brought it with us.
We've got a space for the little ones
To safely play with their parents.
And books and reading areas and puppets.
Physics and science and just all kinds of things.
There's just going to be a lot crammed into this little space."