New filing by state in Fairbanks Four case

FAIRBANKS- Yet another filing has been made in the case of the group of men known as the Fairbanks Four.

The State of Alaska filed its reply to the Alaska Innocence Project's ongoing post-conviction relief petition.

Inside the 13-page filing, lead prosecutor Adrienne Bachman attacked both the notion of "new evidence", and the alleged confession made by William Holmes.

In earlier filings the state found that confession to be a "hearsay statement," and further claimed it was inadmissible in court.

The newest filing says some of the evidence presented by the Innocence Project is not newly discovered, but a "classic second bite at the apple."

Bachman says the eyewitness and footwear testimony would prove to be the same arguments made at their original trial, packaged and presented in a different manner - something that may not be "legally newly discovered" inside a court of law.