A new Door opens.

An open house was held last night for a new youth shelter in Fairbanks.

The Door is located at 138 Tenth Avenue. It's a project of the Fairbanks Youth Advocates, with a lot of help from other agencies

They started working on it about three years ago, according to Executive Director Marylee Bates.

"It started with a community meeting from some other partners in the community access Alaska and some other agencies were talking about we need a youth shelter. A bunch of us went to a meeting at the city we began talking about the ideas of this community needed a youth shelter and we ended up, the city ended up agreeing. We got a grant for it and the rest is History. "

Bates said the facility was supposed to be built last summer, but it just didn't happen.

"So we began serving young people in the bottom of first Presbyterian church so that's where our shelter is presently and we just serve them", she said. 

It could still be a couple of months before the shelter is actually operating, but Monday was another step toward the opening.

Bates said "Today we just got the keys so that's kind of what we're celebrating is getting the keys today. So we're celebrating today and then we'll slowly move in then we'll just go from there one thing at a time."

The Door will provide 24–7 shelter services, case management, and resources to reunify youth with their families or to find stability.