New details in murder case originally reported as suicide

FAIRBANKS- Shocking details this afternoon in Fairbanks Superior Court for a man accused of murdering his wife.

Until this afternoon's hearing, little detail had been released in the case involving defendant John McDonald, who stands accused of "compelling or inducing" his wife, Crystal McDonald, to commit suicide.

Today, the state outlined its case against McDonald stating that while his wife was intoxicated, he handed her a fully loaded gun and dared her to play Russian Roulette.

The state claimed that allegations of an affair two-weeks prior provided a motive for McDonald to murder his wife.

Further, police on scene allegedly reported McDonald had told the couple's babysitter that his wife was passed out in the garage; she was later found dead as a result of what McDonald called a suicide.

State Prosecutors said they believe that someone may have attempted to dress her dead body, and the gun used may have been cleaned before authorities arrived on scene.

The sister of the victim, Sandra Rice, gave an emotional statement this afternoon, asking the Judge to dismiss the bail proposal of ankle monitoring and 3rd party custodians.

She said, "John you took my sister away from my family, you are fully aware that my sister was going to be leaving you. I feel that if he knew that my sister was going to be leaving him for another man, and knowing that he had induced to kill my sister from the beginning of March, when she told him she was going to leave him, from the day she died on March 20th, he had plenty of time to plan what was going to be his next steps."

She further alleged the defendant had sent a text message to her father that read, "I'm sorry" after the murder.

Bail was set at 1 million dollars with a 10 percent posting, plus a performance bond of $500,000 and a 24-hour house arrest with ankle monitoring; McDonald was also required to have the 3rd party custodians presented in court.