New changes for the Tanana Valley Fair

This August when the Tanana Valley Fair opens its gates to the public they will notice some very obvious and helpful changes.

No longer will the public have to jump over large puddles or put up with clouds of dust while purchasing tickets.

Thanks to a large grant from the American Disabilities Act, the entire fairground complex including the front road near the individual gates will have a new asphalt surface.

The project is expected to be completed sometime in June and will allow wheel chair visitors more access to all the exhibits, the midway, and concerts.

Jill Falldin the General Manager for the Tanana Valley Fair says these repairs will be very welcome.

"It's going to hopefully done by of course before the fair opens this year.

We're going to be redoing all the walkways.

The midway is also going to be paved.

And we're also going to be able to offer handicapped parking at each one of the gates.

For anybody that is in wheelchairs or need walkers or any kind of assistance."