New building dedicated

In 1924 college student Margaret Murie (MER-EE) became the first female student to graduate from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Her legacy continued as she became a naturalist and author for wildlife preservation.

Today the University of Alaska Fairbanks paid tribute to Margaret Murie by dedicating a newly completed Life Sciences building .

The complex will contain more than 100,000 square feet of classrooms and laboratories.

The new facility also has an auditorium, office spaces, and community gathering areas.




In naming this building after Murie, UAF seeks to encourage a love of nature and learning between the students and community members. UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers says the new facility will accomplish many things. "So this building was designed for biology and wildlife for both research and instruction, and really to create an opportunity for undergraduate students to have interaction with people doing research here on the hill.

It's a great laboratory facility.

There's wonderful opportunities, new equipment for students to work, great collaboration space for students.

It's really a big step forward for our undergraduate program and for our research programs."