New addition for Arctic Winter Games

There is a fever beginning to run through the community.

It's not a health hazard but hopefully it will become contagious.

The fever is the Arctic Winter Games excitement.

Today at the Carlson Center that excitement was on display as ground was broken for the construction of an impressive cauldron that will be completed by August.

The Cauldron will be located as you come into the Carlson Center on your right.




The artistic creation will be a compilation of wood, steel, and concrete and will be on display long after the games in March of 2014. Karen Lane with the Arctic Winter Games says the cauldron will benefit a lot of people.

"So we're breaking ground for the cauldron that's being built here at the Carlson Center, and it's for the Arctic Winter Games.

So in March of 2014 when the games kick off, the cauldron will be lit and then it will stay lit all week long until the closing ceremonies.

It will be here forever, so future events that are held at the Carlson Center, they can have it lit, and they can also besides lighting the flame, there's LED lights of different colors and they can have those lit too, for special events at the Carlson Center."