Navigators will play a vital role in Yukon 1000 riverboat race

FAIRBANKS, AK-As the Yukon 1000 riverboat race gets ready to go tomorrow we caught up with one of the crew members who plays a vital role. The navigator. Sherri Kriska is a navigator for the B-Bi Bones Express boat. The captain is her husband Tom Kriska.

Sherri has been a part of riverboat racing for over 20 years in the Interior. She explained that the navigator knows where the shortcuts are and anticipates turns, which is important because the crew has to lean in the turns to keep the boat upright as boats can reach 70 miles per hour. For the navigator this year's extended race will be a different experience for everybody.

"You want your equipment to hold together. Mainly the motor because when you're going full throttle for 800 miles half the field is usually out by the time the race is over. So adding another 200 miles onto that it's going to really takes it toll on the field of racers this year," Sherri said.

"It's strategy. It's a whole lot different for the whole field of racers so it'll be interesting to see how it all turns out."