Natural Gas Design Challenge

FAIRBANKS- Interior Gas Utility estimates it could begin delivering natural gas to North Pole, in 2016, at nearly half the cost of current fuel oil. Right now, they have some tricky design challenges to solve before gas can flow. The municipal utility recently shared a detailed distribution map and has hired MWH Americas to help sort out details that would require the system to be able to reverse the flow of gas.

Right now, the plan is to place a 7.5 million gallon storage tank around the Flint Hills refinery on H&H Lane, which will hold gas delivered by trucks and feed it  into the lines. However, a gas pipeline from the North Slope, would arrive at the opposite end of the borough, in the university west area, and would require the system to reverse the flow of gas.

The Project Manager with MWH Americas, David Prusak, says it’s a pretty fun engineering challenge to make a flexible system. The goal ultimate goal is to “Make sure we can have affordable gas or hit the target number that we hope to, based on those variabilities.”


The updated map will be available at IGU’s website within the week. It shows roads in the borough where natural will be available.