Native American Heritage

Last Thursday the United States Senate passed a resolution recognizing the month of November as Native American Heritage month, and the day after Thanksgiving as Native American Heritage Day.Today Fort Wainwright held a ceremony today to show the relationship that Native American's are having and have had in the past to the military in the Interior. In addition to speeches honoring Native American's, the overflow crowd was entertained by native dance groups and Native military veterans.Amry Sergeant First Class John Bondy who is the Equal Opportnity for 1st brigade of the 25th Stryker force says, the ceremony is good for the soldiers.

"Essentially what we want today is to give exposure to the soldiers to cultures which are outside of something that they are familiar with and normal to.

We're trying to increase awareness of Native American and Alaskan Native heritage and culture and history.

Understanding that Native American and Alaskan Native heritage is synonymous with the military heritage here in Alaska.



Native veteran Sam Demientieff guest speaker for the ceremony, says the relationship with the military is a good one for all."

"I think that the city of Fairbanks, who has a long history of military going to back to the war effort.

For our family, the Demientieff family along with the whole Interior, we worked on the rivers to help build and support the Galena Air Force Base during those war years."